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 [徵稿啟事] 2023比較文學與跨文化研究學術論壇–輔仁大學跨文化研究所

2023 比較文學與跨文化研究學術論壇


New Perspectives in Cross-Cultural Studies

輔仁大學跨文化研究所為推動跨文化跨領域研究、提昇論文寫作與發表能力、促進學術交流,訂於 2023 年 8 月 24 日(星期四)舉辦「比較文學與跨文化研究學術論壇」,歡迎本所博士班學生與校友、及校內外相關領域博士生共襄盛舉、踴躍投稿,一起開創跨文化新視域。



會議日期:2023 年 8 月 24 日 (四)
會議地點:輔仁大學外語學院德芳外語大樓五樓 (暫定)

截止日期:2023 年 6 月 10 日
摘要字數:中文 500 字內、英文 300 字內,關鍵詞 3-5 個。
研究主題與任一會議子題相關即可,請將摘要寄至籌委會 (E-mail:,郵件主旨:投稿 2023 年跨文化學術論壇)。
◎審查結果通知日:2023 年 6 月 20 日
◎論文全文繳交日:2023 年 8 月 10 日[全文字數:一萬字(中文)、七千字(英文)]
聯絡電話:886-2-29052553; 傳真:886-2-29052530

2023 Symposium on Comparative Literature & Cross-Cultural Studies

Call for Paper

Theme: New Perspectives in Cross-Cultural Studies

The Graduate Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies at Fu Jen Catholic University invites the submission of abstracts to be considered for presentation in the 2023 Symposium on “New Perspectives in Cross-Cultural Studies.” The Symposium is scheduled on Thursday, August 24,2023. All alumni and doctoral students of the Institute, as well as doctoral students of related fields in Fu Jen or other universities, are cordially invited to participate.

In light of the post-pandemic “new normal,” rapid development of artificial intelligence, and volatile geopolitics, the humanities, now more than ever, needs to revive itself with new insights and innovative thinking. The challenges of interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-cultural
communication have also gained new urgency. Cross-cultural studies is a broad field that is interdisciplinary in nature. In general, it underscores problems related to “in-betweenness,” “mediation,” and “intertextuality,” while promoting an open attitude to “heterogeneity.”

Possible themes include (but are not restricted to):

Organizer: Graduate Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies, Fu Jen Catholic University
Date: Thursday, August 24, 2023
Venue: FG 517 at Fu Jen Catholic University (tentative)

Submission information:
◎Conference languages: Mandarin and English
◎Abstract submission deadline: June 10, 2023
(within 500 Chinese characters or 300 English words, with 3-5 keywords)
E-mail:, subject: “abstract submission, 2023 Symposium of Cross-Cultural
◎Notification of acceptance: June 20, 2023
◎Paper submission deadline: August 10, 2023 (within10,000 Chinese characters; 7,000 English
If any questions, please contact Ms. Yang
Phone: 886-2-29052553
Fax: 886-2-29052530


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